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Vocabulário básico para Au Pair

• STROLLER - A four-wheeled, often collapsible, chairlike carriage in which small children are pushed.

• CAR SEAT - A seat used by a child while in a vehicle, for safety purposes.

• POTTY SEAT - A small pot for use as a toilet by an infant or young child.

• HIGH CHAIR - A chair with long legs, used by a baby or young child at mealtimes.

• SECURITY GATE - A small gate used to limit the movement of a child around the house/home/area.

• JUMPER - A small wheeled seat used to entertain a child.

• SNUGLI - A baby carrier which allows the person caring for the child to move about freely while keeping the baby with them.

• SIPPY CUP - The sippy cup is a spillproof drinking cup designed for toddlers. The sippy cup works via surface tension which prevents liquid from being spilt even when the cup is upended to an upside-down position.

• BIBS - A bib is a garment worn hanging from the neck on the chest to protect clothing from spilling. It may be made of cloth, plastic or other materials.

• BABY BOTTLES - A baby bottle is a bottle with a nipple used to feed a baby formula, breast milk or other liquids.

• DIAPER PAIL - A receptacle/holder used for the disposal of used/soiled diapers.

• DIAPER - A diaper (in North America) is an absorbent garment worn by individuals who are incontinent, that is, lack control over bladder or bowel movements, or who are unable to reach the toilet when needed. This group primarily includes infants and young children, as well as some elderly people, some with a physical or mental disability.

• BOOSTER CHAIR - A Booster Chair is a table level child seat, used to contain a baby/small child during feeding.

• TEETHING RING - Teething rings and other toys are often designed with materials and textures that will soothe the sore gums of a child whose teeth are cutting through.

• PACIFIER - Is a rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple given to an infant or other young child to suck upon.

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Évelin disse...

Gostei muito do post de hoje... dica de inglês são muito bem vindas... Thanks.

Paulinha Machado disse...

Também achei muito útil!!!
Mas ainda tenho dúvidas em coisas como rabo-de-cavalo, maria-chiquinha, sabe? Caso a gente cuide de meninas...

Almost Twins disse...

Muito bom!!!
Valeu pelas dicas!